Image of The Past Between Us


Image of The Past Between Us
THE PAST BETWEEN US (4.5) by Kimberly Van Meter: Caught by former friend and cur rent FBI agent Tommy Bristol, Cassi Nolan is desperate to convince him that she’s innocent of the theft charges against her. The charges were engineered by her stepfather, Lionel Vissher, who killed her mother so he could have her family fortune. Tommy, at first convinced Cassi is guilty because of her wild-child past, soon realizes that she has come to terms with her past and is once again the girl he knew and loved. They set out to prove her innocence and take Vissher down. Nonstop action and a nicely twisting plot make this a great read from start to finish. Van Meter’s characterization is wonderfully done. Vissher is a perfect bad guy, Tommy’s heroism is classic and readers will love Cassi’s strength and determination.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay