Put your worries aside for a few hours and enjoy what this story has to offer. There's a beautiful heroine and a handsome hero who seem so right together. There's a villain you'll love to hate and enough plot twists to make the road to happiness an interesting one.

Lizzie Moran is on a mission to bring her friend Charlie back to the land of the living. He's been a recluse since his beloved wife passed away six months ago. Charlie's brother Jack is also worried, but he hopes that between him and Lizzie, they can help Charlie. When Charlie is unable to be Lizzie's escort at her class reunion, Jack steps in.

Lizzie is grateful that Jack is willing to be her pretend boyfriend for the weekend, since the ex-boyfriend who broke her heart is going to be at the reunion too. When Jack and Lizzie feel a strong attraction, it may not be long until their pretense becomes reality. (SAPPHIREBLUEPUBLISHING.COM, dl $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Barb Anderson