Image of Past Secrets


Image of Past Secrets

Kelly's latest novel is lyrical and beautifully written. Her mastery of storytelling is evident in her ability to create characters and plots that will captivate and entice many a reader.

The women of Dublin's Summer Street come from a variety of backgrounds, but as their friendships grow, they discover a common goal. A developer wants to tear down their beautiful neighborhood pavilion, and they are determined to stop him.

They also connect on a more personal level. They comfort Faye when her daughter leaves Ireland to be with her boyfriend, a musician trying to find success in L.A. And they help Maggie, who must decide whether to go on with her life or reconcile with her boyfriend. But it's Christie who encounters one of the most dramatic personal issues. She must come to terms with a past affair that could destroy her marriage. (Downtown, Jan., 616 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick