Disaster-prone tour guide Emily Andrew is back, this time on a "passion and pasta" trip to Italy. Despite her luggage not turning up at the airport and her well-meaning but annoying mother coming along, she still hopes this trip will be better (and less murderous) than the last two.

That is not to be. The tour group's hotel goes up in flames, then people start dying. (But at least Emily's luggage finally turns up!)

The third installment in Hunter's Passport to Peril series is laugh-out-loud funny and features several delightful recurring characters who keep getting better: Em's grandmother, her transsex-ual ex and her new romantic interest, Etienne. Hunter also pokes gentle fun at the romance-novel industry—even book reviewers. (Aug., 285 pp. $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Samantha J. Gust