In her latest novel, Ms. Henderson pens an emotive love story that intelligently deals with the subject of war and its devastating impact on civilians.

Wanting to help others and get as far away from her ex-husband as possible, Tia Algood becomes a volunteer with Feed the World and is sent to Rwanda to work in a Hutu refugee camp. When the camp is attacked by the Tutsi, a rivaling faction, Tia has no choice but to journey through the jungles of Rwanda, in hopes of making it to the American Embassy in Zaire.

After spending two years at Howard University in the U.S., Joseph Desire returns to his country only to learn that his entire family has been murdered by the Hutu. Guilt-ridden and embittered by the loss, Joseph becomes the leader of a small band of Tutsi.

When the two meet in the jungles of Rwanda, Tia awakens Joseph from the numbness he has felt ever since learning of his family's death. With Tia's help, he begins to question his need for revenge and the part he has played in the senseless killing between the Hutu and the Tutsi. Despite her love for Joseph, Tia is not prepared to give up her home in America and is afraid that she can't be the woman Joseph needs.

Will Joseph be able to allay Tia's fears and convince her that her heart belongs to him and his country completely?

With PATH OF FIRE, Ms. Henderson expertly crafts a novel using events from today's headlines. She bravely explores the complexities of war, while weaving a satisfying love story in the mix. (May, 246 pp., $8.95)

Reviewed by: 
Pamela Dungee