A very emotional, consuming novel with well-rounded characters and an intricate plot, this is not a passive read. Readers will go through a gamut of emotions while witnessing a portion of this stormy relationship. A moderate pace, a dash of adventure and hot love scenes characterize this bittersweet tale of love. Readers will be glad they picked it up.

After a youth spent in poverty, actress Thea Newell craves security above all things. Therefore, she hopes to entice Lord Shelburne into matrimony. However, she is stunned by her attraction to adventurer David Llewellyn. David considers himself a good friend and an expert on bad marriages, so he’s come to check out the actress angling to marry his friend. However, David becomes enchanted by the seductress himself. With secrets, lies and betrayals at every turn, will Thea and David ever be together? (SHANNONDONNELLY.COM, dl $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart