Like the swallows at Capistrano, Bryn Bailey returns to Alaskas Summit Lake every fifth summer. Since her last visit was disappointing, Bryn isnt expecting much from this current visit. And shes certainly not entertaining any ideas about her childhood friend on the lake, Eli Pierce.

Bryn doesnt really understand what draws her father to this secluded and rustic land, nor why Eli isnt particularly interested in leaving. And thats just one of the complications between her and Eli. The other is their religious differencesBryn is a staunch non-believer.

As the story takes place over several years, we see Bryn and Eli get on with their lives, never fully giving up on each other. When Bryn returns a final time, now a doctor, their relationship is even more strained. Will Bryn leave and never return? And if so, can Eli give up everything he has worked for and follow her?

This is book three in the Full Circle Series. Bryn, Eli and their supporting characters are extremely likeable and the reader is drawn into the story quickly hoping Eli and Bryn can get it together. In addition to a great romance, the sights and sounds of Alaska come alive in this book and the medical information was entirely believable as well. (Jun., 288 pp., $9.95)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston