Alex has the whole looks of a Greek god thing going for him. And it doesn’t hurt that he is a multimillionaire, unfortunately he is also self-centered and ruthless. He is infuriatingly insulting to Andy when he demands she become his mistress. In an odd arrangement, Andy does agree to be Alex’s lover, but she refuses payment. Throughout the story Andy’s strong personality shines as she teaches Alex that money and power are less important than true love and compassion.

Alexander Ioannou, owner of the Finest Foods chain of premier grocery stores, is wealthy and exacting. Spurred by the loss of his grandmother, Alex returns to his hometown to settle down and find a woman to marry. His plans go astray when he meets Andrea Jones, an employee at Alex's local store. He finds her sleeping on the job and fires her. But once he learns about Andy’s financial problems, he feels guilty for letting her go.

Andy’s life has been in a downward spiral for the past several years. After a car accident and philandering fiancée, she lost her business and is now trying to pay off huge debts. Andy spends all of her time at low-end jobs to pay everyone back. When Alex proposes she be his mistress, Andy is sorely tempted to agree as this would answer all of her problems, but she does not feel right selling her body. However, the scorching attraction she feels towards Alex leads her into a steamy affair with the handsome millionaire. The more their connection grows, the more both Andy and Alex shy away from acknowledging that there is much more to their relationship than just mutual lust. (EVERNIGHT, July 2011, dl. $4.99)

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Dawn Crowne