Image of Paying the Virgin's Price


Image of Paying the Virgin's Price

The Silk and Scandal series is connected by one character seeking justice for a 20-year-old crime when his father was murdered and another hanged. But was it the right man? Merrill quickly draws readers into this dark tale of vengeance and redemption. The mystery carries the readers onward, as do the finely drawn characters.

Gambler Nicholas Dale has almost forgotten witnessing his father’s hanging when he was 10 — until a stranger gives him a silk rope, reminding him of the curse placed on his family. If Nicholas finds evidence of his father’s innocence he can remove the curse. First, he must inform the Carlows that the Gypsy is back. Diana Price, the Carlow girls’ companion, knows all about the curse and has sworn to protect the girls, but she cannot protect herself from Nicholas. She has no idea that he holds a marker that gives him the right to take her virtue. Nicholas never planned on acting on the debt, but he does fall in love with Diana. Truths are revealed, much of the past and present come to light and a love is forged that might break the curse. (HARLEQUIN, Jul., 288 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin