Pearl Jewel is a proper, Boston-raised young lady when she suddenly finds herself in Texas ready to meet her three sisters.

Cal McCabe, one-fifth owner of the Jewel ranch and its foreman, objects to Pearl opening a school on the ranch. In reality it is his attraction to Pearl that makes him prickly as a cactus. One minute he's kind and the next he's ornery.

Cal agrees Pearl can have her school, as long as there's no trouble. Trouble comes when her piglets and a cow are stolen and Cal suspects the father of two of her students, Rollie Ingram.

Cal heads for Ingram's ranch and discovers Rollie drunk and one of his sons badly beaten. As soon as he's sober, Rollie kidnaps Pearl and it is up to Cal to rescue her.

A spring blizzard traps Cal and Pearl in a cave. Their proximity and relief at being alive allow Pearl and Cal to give in to their desires. They are found by the Ingram boys, but when their ruthless father returns, it is up to Pearl to save the day and win Cal's love.

PEARL follows Diamond as the second book in the series about the daughters of Onyx Pearl. This enchanting story of a proper woman and a rough and tumble cowboy is another delight and will have readers itching for the next book in the series. SENSUAL (Aug., 350 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager