Theirry de Perielle is on a mission for the Khan when he finds he must have the pearls he has been given as tribute appraised. He seeks the local pearl merchant's advice.

With her father out of town Kira has taken over the shop when Theirry arrives. She tests his pearls by swirling them in her mouth and when she speaks they fall from her lips. Fearing that she will trick him out of his treasure, Theirry takes Kira captive.

Though they do not speak the same language or follow the same customs, there is an undeniable sexual attraction between them that eventually culminates in a night of passion.

Though trained as a Mongol warrior, Theirry knows he is not like these fierce warrior people and when the Khan needs a diplomat to open negotiations with the French, Theirry is chosen. Determined never to leave his precious Kira, Theirry brings her with him. It is here in the land of his birth that Theirry learns the truth of his legacy and the power of love.

The second book in the Unicorn Trilogy, PEARL BEYOND PRICE opens up an entirely new world to romance readers in a story where the characters learn to love without speaking the same language. Love truly conquers all in this tale which is short on dialogue and heavy on narrative and descriptive passages. SENSUAL (Apr., 400 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin