It has been years since Archer Donovan has spoken with either his half-brother Len McGarry or Lens young wife Hannah. Now, Hannah calls with bad news: Len is dead, murderedalthough the local Australian police are chalking the death up to the cyclone that just ravaged Pearl Cove.

Len became very secretive after the incident that left him in a wheelchair. He worked for years to develop a unique strain of rainbow black pearls. While Len needed Hannahs help in color and size matching the pearls to make up the extraordinary Black Trinity necklace, he let no one in on the secret of creating the pearls. This leaves Hannah in a very bad position, as a number of parties, including the murderer, are determined to get their hands on the secret.

Archer is the wild card in this scenario. Other than Hannah, no one knew that Archer has long been Lens silent partner in Pearl Cove. Archer has two agendas: find out who killed his troubled half-brother, and protect Hannah.

Hannah has also always known that she married the wrong brother. However, the emotional scars she bears make it difficult for Hannah to believe that a man as tough as Archer could ever truly love.

The Donovan family is back and this time fans are treated to the unveiling of big brother Archers story. The unique qualities that make Ms. Lowell such an extraordinary storyteller are abundantly displayed in this terrifically sensual, exciting and emotional thriller. Ed. Note: This novel was chosen as an RT top pick for the hardcover release. (Jun., 376 pp., $7.50—Hardcover published July 1999)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith