Image of Pearl Jinx


Image of Pearl Jinx

The gang from the Jinx, Inc., treasure hunting company is back and up to their ears in new outlandish adventures. Perennial favorite Hill's blend of humor, pathos and downright weirdness makes her books inventive and heart-tugging. They are guaranteed mood boosters!

Former Amish ex-Navy SEAL Caleb Peachy has been handed his own treasure-hunting project in Spruce Creek, Pa., which just happens to be where his Amish family lives.

Abbie Franklin and her grandson Mark have arranged for the Jinx crew to investigate a cave on their land that's believed to contain cave pearls, and just possibly a hidden treasure. At the request of the National Park Service, archaeologist Claire Cassidy will tag along to make sure no historical artifacts are destroyed. Being near his family and still shunned is difficult for Caleb, although Claire is turning out to be a sexy and very offbeat distraction. When crazy Tante Lulu comes for a visit, matchmaking-itis breaks out, and no one is safe -- even determined bachelor Caleb. (WARNER, Jul., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith