Image of Pecos Valley Revival


Image of Pecos Valley Revival

Duncan’s second novel set in the Pecos Valley is bogged down by a slow pace and a predictable plot. However, the story is vindicated by well-rounded characters and humorous dialogue. The heroine is quirky and selfish (who isn’t at 19?), but nonetheless a good person. Readers will ultimately enjoy this feel-good romance with a mystery subplot.

Annabelle Blue may be the only resident in Rosedale, N.M., who is not interested in the temporary revival tent in town. That may be due to her uneasiness around the preacher’s sister, who is making the moves on her unofficial beau, Phil Gunderson. Soon jealousy becomes the least of Annabelle’s worries when dead bodies start to turn up at the annual rodeo. Will the killer be captured before any more lives are claimed? More important, can Annabelle reclaim her beloved’s heart? (FIVE STAR, Jan., 250 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart