While somewhat humorous, this story also focuses on some serious subjects. Katie's struggle to make the choices
that are best for her is touching. Paul, however, is rather shallow.

High school was torture for poor, brainy and overweight Katie, who has no desire to attend her class reunion. She isn't that girl anymore, but she doesn't want to associate with the classmates that ridiculed her.

Katie has returned home only temporarily to help her mother take care of her 9-year-old nephew while her sister tries to dry out. When Katie does attend the reunion and reconnects with two classmates who develop into close friends. She also connects with fellow classmate, Paul van Dorn, the high school hockey star who went pro. He now owns a bar, since injuries forced him to retire.

As Paul and Katie renew their acquaintance, they find an attraction that Katie doesn't want, because Paul seems content to stagnate in their small hometown, and Katie has no desire to ever return on a permanent basis.

(Mar., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley