Get ready for the next generation of Sherbrookes to make you laugh and cry.

After her first season in London, Meggie Sherbrooke returns home heartbroken. Her childhood love, Jeremy, is betrothed to another.

Thomas Malcombe, the new Earl of Lancaster, is interested in Meggie though. Being the vicars daughter, Meggie is an innocent. When Thomas kisses her, she is shocked to her toes, but she certainly does enjoy it.

When Thomas comes to the aid of the family during a crisis, Meggie begins seeing him often and soon finds herself accepting his marriage proposal.

After the wedding, Thomas overhears Meggie talking to her father and believes she is still in love with Jeremy. Though he tries to put the conversation behind him, his anger gets the best of him and their wedding night becomes a nightmare for Meggie.

Thomas and Meggie journey to his home in Cornwall where Meggie meets Thomas mother and sundry other strange characters. They arrive to discover a murder and then realize someone is trying to kill Meggie.

While Meggie and Thomas are rebuilding their relationship, thoughts of jealousy plague Thomas. And when her family arrives with Jeremy in tow to help solve the mystery, Thomas wonders if Meggie still loves Jeremy. But it will take a kidnapping to force them to understand their true feelings.

It is truly wonderful to see the beloved characters from the Bride series again. PENDRAGON is filled with adventure and mysteries. Who is trying to Kill Meggie? Why is Thomas mother so strange?

Thomas is strong and secure, but he has his weaknesses, such as jealousy. Meggie is a delight, but her optimism and innocence can begin to wear on the reader. Still, this is definitely worth the read for Coulter fans. SENSUAL (Jan., 328 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager