Arthur is king and Gwenhwyfar his strong-willed wife and companion. Still at war with minor kings and invaders, Arthur continues to fight the machinism of his first wife, Winifred, the Saxon woman he put away years ago, as well as Morgause, his father's mistress. And they are still homeless-a wandering tribe, seeking a place of rest while fighting invaders. In PENDRAGON'S BANNER Arthur finds his home at Cadbury and builds a legend.

As if Ms. Holbrook never lifted her pen from paper, she continues her story of Arthur and Gwenhwyfar in fluid, breathtaking description and as accurately as history reveals. The characters are so human and yet there is magic here. No wizards to whisk away the hurts, no Merlin to take the ache from the hearts; the only magic is Ms. Holbrook's wonderful weaving of legend, prose and action.

The reader will get lost in the heartache as the couple face the loss of their children and the betrayal of their peers. In this harsh time, the reader will weep for the losses and cheer the victories and anticipate the next story, the completion of the trilogy, confident that Helen Holbrook will stay true to her style and never disappoint those whose hearts long for Arthurian romance. (Dec., 560 pp., $22.95)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Gree