Image of The Pendulum


Image of The Pendulum

The talented Anne Elizabeth give superheroes a fascinating twist in her series second book. The author shows that heroine Tia is made of powerful stuff as she travels off-world and uses only her perseverance to conquer the hurdles. If only these graphic novels could come out faster, because they are as addictive as the Hellboy, Wonder Woman, and Anita Blake series. The gorgeous art includes intricate details that make the book worth reading several times. Together, Anne Elizabeth and Siya Oum, make a brilliant team!

Tia Stanton is just coming to terms with the magic she was willed during her last adventure, as it is making her life more difficult. Unfortunately when she participates in a spell to get rid of the new power, she looses all of her magic — including those she was born with. To make matters worse, on the alien planet a hostile group kidnaps her. Separated from her companions, she must fight her way to freedom. But Tia cannot ignore the circumstance of those around her and she willingly plunges herself into a war against the oppressive alien regime. Will Tia be able to survive this showdown and get back home? (Sea Lion Books; October 2011; Paperback; 48 pp.; $7.95; ISBN: 9780982818633) 

Reviewed by: 
Ruth Walters