Image of The Penguin Who Knew Too Much (A Meg Langslow Mystery)


Image of The Penguin Who Knew Too Much (A Meg Langslow Mystery)

Andrews delivers another farcical mystery in her animal-themed series. The literally interpreted Meg's-house-is-a-zoo premise is a bit one-note, however, and too much time is spent on the parade of exotic animals that end up at her farm. But the plotting is solid, as always, and revisiting delightful secondary characters like her slightly nutty father and patient fiance is always a treat.

Meg Langslow is finally tying the knot with long-suffering fiance Michael and moving into a gorgeous Victorian mansion. Too bad her rooms and land are filling up with exotic animals faster than she can say "I do." Seems her distracted dad forgot to tell her he was fostering some animals from the local zoo since the zookeeper has gone missing.

Then dad discovers a dead body in her basement -- and it's none other than the absentee zookeeper. Meg has to get to the bottom of who would've shot the man with a crossbow so she can get these animals off her property. But exotic animals can be an expensive enterprise and, as Meg knows, where there's money, there's murder. (ST. MARTIN'S MINOTAUR, Aug., 288 pp., $23.95)
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Tara Gelsomino