Image of The Penny


Image of The Penny

Meyer's first fiction offering falls a
bit flat under the weight of heavy expectations. Readers will sympathize with Jenny's plight of being physically and sexually abused, but redemption seems to come too late to make a big impact. The theme of forgiveness is clear and a joy to experience when
it finally arrives after many pages
of depressing incidents.

Jenny Blake is a young teen with a heavy heart. She and her sister, Jean, have suffered years of abuse at the hand of their father. Now Jean is leaving home, and Jenny wonders how she will cope without her feisty sister's presence. On the way to a movie, Jenny finds a penny, and after that her life begins to change. She meets Miss Shaw, a woman with some secrets of her own, who takes Jenny under her wing. Through Miss Shaw and the blessing of the penny, Jenny learns about forgiveness and how to move forward positively. (FaithWords, Jun., 256 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel