This warm and funny book is the
perfect remedy for these economic times. Strohmeyer has a wonderful writing style that makes the reader feel included in the story, especially with the many humorous asides. Add in the appealing characters, and the entertainment quotient goes up another notch, as they
have to figure out who or what is
essential to their lives.

Kat Griffith's favorite pastime is spending money, which has caused numerous arguments with her college professor husband Griff. As her daughter gets ready to leave for college, Kat discovers Griff has been hiding a secret bank account and spending a lot of time with his sexy young research assistant. With no savings, Kat realizes it's time to take drastic measures if she's heading for a divorce.

She joins the Penny Pinchers Club and soon cancels the cable television, stops going to Starbucks and saves on the grocery bill by using food she's retrieved from grocery store dumpsters. The money might be accumulating, but it isn't making her relationship with her husband any clearer. Then an old flame offers her a life where money once again would be no object. Kat must look into her heart and decide what she really wants. (DUTTON, Jul., 288 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers