With her usual wry wit, sharp dialogue and unique characters, Catherine Coulter spins a tale of two sets of lovers, one in the present and one "somewhere else," whose overlapping stories will enchant readers seeking something a bit different.

At 18, Lady Merryn de Gay is four times a widow due to the ancient Druid curse that protects Penwyth and its people. It isn't her fault that every man who tries to take Penwyth and force Merryn into marriage dies instantly.

As a reward for saving his daughter's life, the king rewards Sir Bishop of Lythe with Merryn's hand in marriage. Bishop does not want to die, so he tells Merryn that he is a wizard sent to rid Penwyth of its curse.

Naturally, Merryn does not believe him, and he must capture her and take her on a journey to help prove his point. Meanwhile, in another place, there is a wizard prince seeking a lovely elusive woman in the sacred oak forest.

These tales intertwine, ensnaring readers in both strong women and their equally determined heroes. There's just the right amount of magic and myth, humor and sensuality, romance and passion to fulfill any reader's fantasies. You'll laugh and sigh as Ms.Coulter brings her brand of historical romance with a touch of modern sensibility to you. SENSUAL (Jan., 340 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin