Image of A Perfect Blood (The Hollows, Book 10)


Image of A Perfect Blood (The Hollows, Book 10)

Harrison delivers the 10th book in her Hollows series, treading this familiar playground with steady steps. While the book seems to detour onto unnecessary paths, making for an overly long and at times slow read, fans of the series should be well pleased with the return of their favorite characters and the deepening of Rachel’s personal story.

Former witch turned day-walking demon Rachel Morgan rarely has a dull day. It was bad enough that she was on no-fly lists, but having to reapply for her driver’s license? A demon shouldn’t have to go through that of all things! Rachel’s day only goes downhill when an ancient vampire contacts her and asks her to look into a trio of corpses that have turned up, apparently ritualistically slain. When Rachel is labeled a suspect, matters get personal. Rachel realizes someone may well be after her own blood, in order to make their own demons. (HARPER VOYAGER, Mar., 448 pp., $26.99)
Reviewed by: 
Elise Tobler