Image of The Perfect Bride (de Warenne Dynasty)


Image of The Perfect Bride (de Warenne Dynasty)

Joyce's latest is a piece
of perfection as she
meticulously crafts a
tender and emotionally powerful
love story. Passion and pain erupt
from the pages and flow straight into your heart. You won't forget this beautifully rendered love story of lost souls
and redemption.

Lady Blanche Harrington has avoided marriage for eight years, but her father's death makes it imperative that she wed a man to handle her fortune. But not one of her many suitors is the man she truly desires in her heart.

War hero Rex de Warenne shuns society and lives as a recluse. He's always admired Blanche and will try to help her find a good man. Rex stands at her side as she remembers what happened the day her mother died, and he helps Blanche put the past to rest. In helping her, Rex discovers that she has brought him hope in life and love. (HQN, Aug., 377 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin