THE PERFECT BRIDE (3) by Kerry Connor: To solve her best friend’s death, Jillian Jones goes undercover to Sutton Hall to find out what happened to the bride-to-be. Adam Sutton runs Sutton Hall with his sister. When Jillian arrives there’s something he doesn’t quite trust about her, even though he can’t quite submerge his attraction, and he is determined to find out what she’s up to. As Jillian pokes around, she discovers that she’s making the killer nervous. Several attempts on her life are made. A psychopath is stalking the corridors of Sutton Hall and if she’s not careful, Jillian is going to follow her best friend into death. There’s not quite enough of a connection between the characters to make their romance hit the mark, but the escalating aura of horror is a throwback to the old gothic romances.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper