Image of The Perfect Couple (Last Stand)


Image of The Perfect Couple (Last Stand)

Realistic and gritty, this story grabs
the reader by the throat on the first page and never lets go. The characters are all handled well, but the villain stands out.

Zoe Duncan's life has changed for the better since her engagement to Anton Lucassi. But in a heartbeat, none of that matters -- Zoe's 13-year-old daughter, Sam, vanishes from the home they share with Anton. No one saw anything, not even neighbors Colin and Tiffany Bell. Desperate, Zoe turns to P.I. Jonathan Stivers. There are few leads, except for a disturbing news story about a teenage boy who was kidnapped and held captive. Is it connected to Sam's disappearance? Jon begins to think that's the case, and he wonders if the Bells know more than they're admitting. (MIRA, Aug., 448 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer