Private investigator Barrett Stanbridge is accused of murdering his mistress and needs to prove his innocence. He is intrigued when his mistress' cousin, Isabella Dandaneau, claims she can give him that proof.

Having honed her instincts during and after the American Civil War, Isabella realizes Barrett is a rogue but not a killer. She suspects that her cousin hid the pirate Jean Lafitte's treasure map somewhere in Barrett's home, making him a target for those seeking the fabled treasure.

Usually levelheaded, Barrett is fascinated by vibrant Isabella and her obsession with finding the map. And he desires her help even more than he needs it.

Grand mistress of adventure LaFoy delivers a fast-paced read with a luscious love story. Passions are balanced perfectly with the investigation and Isabella's talents as an explosive expert. Here's another example of LaFoy's expert handling of intense emotions and a suspenseful mystery. SENSUAL (Jan., 346 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin