Fifty years ago Harding Clements accidentally killed his brother in a confrontation. Then he simply disappeared. Now the Clements family is trying to track down Hardings heirs as they will have a vote as to the future of the valuable Clements Ranch in Sedona, AZ. Jessie Claytons father was a morose alcoholic who kept his family on the move constantly. So she is shocked when the Clements family attorney presents the possibility that her late father had really been the long-missing Harding Clements.

Curious about her potential family, Jessie flies out to the ranch to meet with Hardings sister Sarah, who never gave up searching for her missing brother. On the surface people seem glad to see her, but Jessie soon realizes that she is walking into a major power struggle over the future of the family and the ranch. Regrettably, some people may be willing to do just about anything to get their way.

Family intrigue and power plays are the juicy backdrop for this most intriguing family drama. Patricia Potter does a marvelous job constructing this truly tangled family web. (Jan., 336 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith