Image of The Perfect Family


Image of The Perfect Family

The image of the “perfect” family is shattered when the youngest son announces he’s gay and it’s going to take more than glue to patch it back together. Warmly poignant, realistic, dramatic and honestly presented, Shay’s story is an engrossing family saga for the modern world.

Maggie and Mike Davidson had every reason to be proud of their lives. Both are settled in successful careers, still in love and raising two teenage sons, Brian and Jaime, who are bright, talented and good kids. Maggie and Mike are the golden couple — until the day Jamie tells his mother he’s gay. Nothing will be the same again. Mike is having a crisis of faith: the Catholic Church doesn’t condone homosexuality, Brian is being harassed by his teammates, Maggie is trying to protect her son and save her marriage and her son’s crumbling relationship with his father and brother. Jamie, in the meantime, is feeling guilty for being the source of all this unhappiness. Will the family unit they are so proud of stand up under the strain? (BOLD STROKES, Sep., 264 pp., $16.95)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper