Julian Montgomery, Marquess of Sherling, is guardian to Samantha Darlington, illegitimate daughter of Simon Darlington, who has been allowed to run free. It falls on Julian to turn her into a respectable young lady worthy of being presented to the "ton" and of finding a husband. But the only husband Sam wants is Julian.

His Lordship thinks of Sam as a child and he decides that Charlotte Batsord, elegant and reserved, will be the perfect candidate to be his wife.

Starchy and self-controlled, Julian soon finds his starchiness beginning to melt and his self control unravelling as Sam has him jumping through hoops with her machinations. For who but Sam pays a visit to Julian's mistress for instructions in pleasing a man, helps her maid elope and shows Julian that she is all woman? Why his darling Samantha, that's who!

THE PERFECT GENTLEMAN is a beguiling, lighthearted read to while away a cozy January evening. SENSUAL (Jan., 391 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond