Viscount Aubrey "Stony" Wellstone is a well-set-up gentleman who makes the young misses swoon and their mamas despair. As a luckless gambler, Stony "doesn't have a feather to fly with." All he has is an estate in need of money and a mountain of debts.

But providence smiles on him when his IOU is torn up in exchange for his escorting a young lady to a ball. This turns into a moneymaking vocation for Stony, who is trusted by the ton to accompany their young ladies to events.

When heiress Ellianne Kane arrives in town to try to find her missing sister, she requests Stony's services and his knowledge of the ton. The opinionated and beautiful Ellianne nearly causes Stony to lose his honor. But as they try to find her sister, they get themselves caught up with a crazed murderer.

A master of the Regency era with a deliciously wicked flair for humor, Metzger pens a marvelous romp and manages to combine murder and mayhem most skillfully in this fast-paced romance. SWEET (Oct., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond