Her fathers mysterious death has left an emotional and financial hole in jewelry designer Maggie Kincades life. When Daniel Kincade went down in a plane crash filled with gems, some people claimed the jewels were stolen. Despite her belief in her fathers innocence, Maggie has felt compelled to pay off Daniels creditors.

Maggies last hope of launching her own career lies with winning a contest to design Nicholas and Kacey Draycotts upcoming Abbey Jewels Collection. Aware of the scandal, Nick asks his friend Jared MacNeill to discretely check Maggie out.

Still dealing with his own emotional demons, Jared sympathizes with Maggies burden of stress. While Jared has his suspicions about Daniel Kincades plane crash, he decides that Maggie deserves the career opportunity the Draycotts can provide.

Maggies joy at traveling to England is tempered by the feeling that something is wrong. She also finds Jared dangerously attractive. They soon realize that someone is stalking them.

Adrian, the guardian spirit of Draycott Abbey, is also deeply troubled, for in the events unfolding he sees echoes of the past, where only tragedy awaits.

Keeping a multi-book series fresh and electrifying is a difficult task, but Christina Skye pulls it off beautifully. THE PERFECT GIFT is both exciting and moving making it a tremendous addition to the Draycott Abbey collection. (Nov., 416 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith