Wicked. That's what Justin Sterling has believed he is since the day his father broke his wrist. That's why he takes the wager to seduce the season's "Unattainable," Arabella Templeton. He fears his wickedness means no one can possibly love him, certainly no one as perfect as Arabella. But how can he win the wager and protect her from himself when she doesn't want Justin to guard her virtue at all?

When they're caught in a compromising situation, Justin proposes and Arabella swears to do whatever it takes to prove her love—even though their marriage seems doomed.

Justin and Arabella's emotions leap from the pages as James recaptures the glory of love and the pain that comes with it. James is a master at creating heartfelt love stories that linger. This is a story to cherish and a keeper to read when you need to believe in the power of love. SENSUAL (Dec., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin