Lady Julianna Sterling, last of the Sterling siblings, survives the scandal of being jilted. She's seemingly content but secretly yearning for love.

Dane Quincy Granville, the highwayman known as the Magpie, doesn't count on Julianna's coachman refusing to "stand and deliver," nor does he count on having to rescue Julianna from the ensuing accident.

Dane realizes that Julianna can never see his face or his mission for the crown will be compromised. But by bringing her to his hideout, Dane lets Julianna into his life, and though she should be outraged, Julianna is secretly enthralled with the outlaw and saddened when he sets her free.

It is inevitable that their paths cross in society, and each yearns for what they had merely tasted. Dane's mission comes first, yet there can be no compromise for their growing love and simmering passion.

A Perfect Hero is a dream come true for Sterling family fans. Not only is Dane perfection, Julianna is his match. What fun to watch these two fall in love as they find a way to catch a spy! James simply gets better and better; like cream she rises to the top of her form. SENSUAL (Jul., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin