Tessa met and married Jim Beckett thinking he was everything she'd ever dreamed of. But after carrying his child and creating a home with him, she learns that her perfect husband is hiding a savage soul.

After Tess helps get Jim locked up for the murders of ten women, she thinks she and her child are safe. But Jim escapes from his maximum security prison and swears he will seek revenge.

Tess puts her little one in police protection and then sets out on her own. The time has come to stop running and start fighting for her life, so she turns to the burnt out ex-marine J.T. for fighting lessons.

But will Tess's gentle soul be able to learn all she must before her time is up and she needs face her ruthless "Perfect Husband"?

This novel marks the mainstream debut of an incredibly gifted author (AKA Alicia Scott), whose name is destined to be synonymous with tales of unrelenting suspense.There hasn't been such an utterly horrifying villain since Hannibal Lecter. (Jan., 416 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M Smith