Well, the island is a beehive of activity, even if it's still pretty cold in Maine. The angels are working hard to ensure the Master's will is carried out and, as always, humor is afoot on Heavenly Daze!

It seems that Barbara and Russell Higgs really need their own digs. Living with Barbara's mother has been difficult because Cleta Lansdowne is determined to keep her relationship with Barbara the same as it's always been. But if things don't change, Barbara may be forced to choose between her mother or her husband. Add to this her frustration at not being able to conceive a child, and disaster could be close at hand.

Barbara and Russell aren't the only ones with relationship problems. Dana and Mike Klackenbush seem to have drifted apart despite the winter chill. Both are in danger of making a bad choice that could end their three-year marriage.

While this book seems more serious than the others in the series, there is still much to enjoy. A great stress-reliever with wonderful characters and situations, it offers an education, too, thanks to Dana's brother and his latest scheme! (May, 272 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston