Image of A Perfect Marriage? (Mediterranean Nights)


Image of A Perfect Marriage? (Mediterranean Nights)
A cruise on Alexandra's Dream seems like just the thing to put the spark back in Katherine Stamos' marriage to workaholic architect Charles Slater. The cruise line's PR director, Katherine has never been just a passenger, and when things go awry with Charles -- who's still working despite the beautiful setting -- she's drawn into shipboard goings-on. Blissfully unaware of how Katherine feels, Charles is stunned to learn she's considering divorce. Rediscovering each other, and what brought them together, is the only answer. The portions of A Perfect Marriage? (3) dealing with Katherine and Charles are painfully realistic -- and pale in comparison to Cindi Myers' action-packed sequences dealing with Ariana Bennett's situation. The result is a slightly uneven but decent book.
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Catherine Witmer