Image of The Perfect Match (The Blue Heron Series)


Image of The Perfect Match (The Blue Heron Series)

Higgins is one of those authors you can always count on for a great story. The characters are so familiar, they could be your neighbors. The way Higgins alternates the perspectives of Tom and Honor is a clever way to give the reader a new way to interpret their relationship. This is second in the Blue Heron series, but the books can be read in any order. The setting of the family wine business has wonderful potential for future stories about the Hollands. The Perfect Match is definitely one you will not want to put down, so mark off a day on your calendar!

Honor Holland has been in love with the same man her entire life. When her biological clock starts ticking, she hopes it’s time for them to take the next step. Unfortunately, he doesn’t feel the same. To make matters worse, he soon becomes engaged to her best friend. Enter Tom Barlow. The sexy British professor would really love to stay in the United States to be close to his would-be stepson and is in need of a green card. Honor is in need of a nice man to A) make her ex jealous and B) help her become a mother. They’ll soon find they don’t have to pretend to be in love at all. What they have is the perfect match. (HQN, Nov., 448 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes