Image of The Perfect Match


Image of The Perfect Match

This is a wonderful, heartwarming romance that will bring the reader to both laughter and tears. The rough road the main characters travel to find happiness is well mapped and the animal characters are superbly portrayed. With a nice secondary romance and a touch of magic, this story will leave you feeling great.

Picking a small town to open her animal rescue pet store, Rowena follows the advice of the woman she always considered her fairy godmother, who tells her she'll find her soul mate in the tiny hamlet. With the help of a Cuchullain pipe, Rowena has the gift of finding the perfect human match for the animals she rehabilitates. Trouble comes her way when the girl she matches with a Newfoundland dog is none other than Deputy Cash Lawless' daughter. As Rowena becomes involved with Cash, his wheelchair-bound little girl and Charlie the dog, she discovers a family in dire need of her healing gift and realizes the danger in losing her own heart. (HQN, Dec., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley