While the mystery takes a backseat, the oddball characters will keep the pages turning. And one cantankerous houseguest just might cause you to rethink ever inviting someone to stay in your house again! Readers will find that sometimes being a “good” Christian can test your faith.

Shortly after Devin Peterson signs up at the local dating service, the Perfect Match, the business is set on fire. When Devin’s mom, Annie, vows to find the culprit, suspects abound. Is the arsonist the financially strapped widow who runs the matchmatching service, the bitter newspaper editor who rues the day he wed his “unfortunate match,” the unsatisfied 40-something customer who’s never found her ideal mate or the sheriff’s investigator with a shady past? Will Annie and her cast of cohorts solve the crime before another arson ignites the citizens of Clarksborough? (BARBOUR, Mar., 256 pp., $10.99)
Reviewed by: 
Chandra McNeil