Sharon Driver seems to have a perfect life but doesnt. Her husband, Heath, coach of the Atlanta Infernos football team, is unfaithful. Her children are her world, but she and her teenage daughter Katie are constantly fighting. And now a secret from the past is coming back to haunt herKatie was adopted, but theyve never told her, and Katies birth mother, Georgette, is making outrageous demands and threatening to come to Atlanta. Sharon, trying to hold her world together, decides not to allow Georgette to see Katie.

But Georgette will let nothing stop her and has devised a cunning, murderous plan to reach Katie. Her evil mind has come up with a scheme so devious that Sharons life will turn into a living hell.

Jon Salem knows how to create a potboiler and he has concocted a most delicious read in THE PERFECT MOTHER. With tricks, twists, and turns, and a few sex scenes, this is one of the hottest reads of the season. (Jul., 301 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg