It's been six years since her cousin Mary's bizarre murder. Sarah Woodard is determined to find the answers to her death and rescue Mary's son Christopher from the hands of his father Peter-the man she believes to be a murderer.

Posing as an instructor for the blind, Sarah answers Peter's advertisement. As Christopher's "blind" teacher, she will have the perfect opportunity to search for her cousin's missing journal which may hold the key to her death. What Sarah does not count on is falling in love with Mary's charming and debonair widower. As she comes to know Peter better, Sarah doubts her suspicions about him. Who then murdered her cousin?

Devastated by guilt over Mary's death, Peter lives a dark and lonely life, his only joy his beloved son. Smitten by Sarah upon first sight, Peter is confused by his feelings, yet longs for her. Thus, he begins to woo her gently. Even when he discovers her ruse, he decides to play along with her in order to find out what she is hiding.

As Sarah and Peter grow closer, someone lurks and watches. Hating the happiness they find in each other, the murderer plots to end Peter's peace once and for all. As Sarah's life is threatened and sinister events haunt the lovers, time is of the essence.

Tanya Anne Crosby ventures into new territory with an intriguing Victorian Gothic tale that will have readers swiftly turning the pages. With her talent for spinning engrossing yarns and painting vivid characters and setting, Ms. Crosby will again capture your heart. Readers looking for a traditional Crosby historical will find a wonderful surprise. SENSUAL (May, 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox