Quick outdoes herself with a tightly
drawn thriller that weaves together romance and sharp dialogue with
suspense, the paranormal elements
popular during the era and unique
characters. This hard-to-put-down
Arcane Society novel is a definite keeper.

Lucinda Bromley is not immune to the whispers that she murdered her fiance with a mysterious poison. Now, she quietly cares for her rare plants and occasionally uses her psychic powers to detect murders by poison for the police.

The recent murder of Lord Fairburn shakes her, since it appears the poison used came from a plant recently stolen from her conservatory. Lucinda needs Caleb Jones, a high-ranking member of the Arcane Society and the owner of a psychical detective agency, to help her clear her name and find the killer. Their investigation leads to startling truths and a frightening conspiracy that lies at the very heart of the society, threatening them, their newfound passion and Caleb's sanity. (PUTNAM, Apr., 352 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin