Image of The Perfect Prince: Dragon Lords Book Two


Image of The Perfect Prince: Dragon Lords Book Two

Pillow’s second in her Dragon Lords series is a total battle of the sexes. Intense and passionate, this duo heats up the pages and entertains even if, after a while, the miscommunication is a little repetitive.

Nadja Aleksander is on the run from her engagement, yet when she takes the only transport out of town, it’s with a bride service headed for Qurilixian, a primitive planet desperate for women. Determined to marry a commoner and leave her life of privilege behind, she is shocked to discover that she winds up married to a prince. Prince Olek, the royal ambassador, is enthralled with his feisty and passionate new bride and stunned to realize she does not want to be married to him. Trying desperately to convince her to give them a chance, he engages her in a battle of wills that will not have an easy end. (RAVEN BOOKS, Feb., 232 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Cooper