Savannah Merriweather has to do something to save her family; she must protect them from a scandal that would ruin their reputation among the Astor's Four Hundred, the cream of New York's gilded age society.

Though she would prefer not to marry, Savannah answers an advertisement from an English earl looking for an American heiress to be his bride. She receives a title, he gets her money. But shortly after she signs the papers that make her a countess, Savannah's life takes a sudden and startling change.

Dominic Dare is in the earl's stables when Savannah arrives, and through the strangest twist of fate the impoverished American finds himself masquerading as Savannah's husband, and heading back to New York.

Try as they might, the newlyweds have difficulty staying out of each other's arms (and trouble). Dominic's secret plan to expose an art fraud combined with Savannah's dare devil dreams lead them into a maze of murder and mayhem.

Kit Garland wonderfully captures turn-of-the-century New York; the Astor set and the social whirl while twisting readers around her finger with a titillating mystery and a delightfully sensual romance. A PERFECT SCANDAL is just that: perfectly irresistible and highly entertaining. SENSUAL (June, 397 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin