Image of The Perfect Scandal (The Scandal Series)


Image of The Perfect Scandal (The Scandal Series)

The last in Marvelle’s Scandal series utilizes a twist on the classic marriage of convenience plot, along with an intriguing historical backdrop — Poland’s fight for freedom — and unconventional characters, including a crippled heroine and emotionally tortured hero. Though there are darker elements to the story, Marvelle never loses track of the romance or the sensuality. Readers of the series know to expect the unusual, but satisfying, from this author.

As the author of the well-known little red book How to Avoid a Scandal, Tristan Hargrove, Marquis of Moreland, does his best to keep his baser passions in check and avoid notoriety. Then he spies his new neighbor; a beautiful, exotic young woman who defies convention and challenges Tristan to forget the rules. Though he knows nothing about her, Tristan comes to her rescue when her home is besieged by would-be suitors. Zosia is a Polish émigrée, sent to London as a ward of King George, who is to help find her a husband. But she only wants to free her beloved Poland from Russian rule. Since his father’s death Tristan has been the perfect nobleman. Upon seeing Zosia he defies his autocratic grandmother and seizes the opportunity to make her his wife. Though their passions are strong and their blossoming love powerful, neither Tristan nor Zosia realize the danger they face once the truth about her heritage is uncovered. (HQN, Mar., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin