The one person who had always shown poor Juliet Moseby respect and kindness is Major Alexander Portman, someone she has known and loved since she was a child. But Juliet has not seen Alex in years because he's been in His Majesty's service. When Juliet cannot accept the harsh words of a visiting guest, she feels it's time for her and her godmother, Lady Feather, to leave the main residence and stay in the dower house until the weather is favorable enough for them to move to London. Juliet's plans are interrupted when Alex returns home, in part due to a prank his twin brother pressured him to participate in. A PERFECT SCOUNDREL (4) by Martha Kirkland is a sensitive and touching story of two people in love whose different stations in life may prevent them from experiencing their hearts' desires. (Jan., 224 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor