After vowing to bring her dead friends' daughters to their uncle in England, Serefina Treadwell is not willing simply to leave them with a man who knows nothing about children and does not appear to want the responsibility of caring for them.

Carden Reeves may know nothing about children, but he knows everything about women, and Sera challenges his mind and awakens his desires.

Though her husband is missing and presumed dead, Serefina is still tied to the man she despises and fears. She cannot deny her growing passion or resist the temptation of becoming Carden's lover, but she will not place those she loves in danger.

The lures of LaFoy's writing are not just great characters, fantastic storytelling and heightened sexual tension, but also the subtle ways she plays on your emotions so that you are completely invested in the book. No reader will be immune to the children—or the unforgettable scene with the puppies—nor can you ignore the deep and intense emotions that emanate from the pages of this masterful romance. SENSUAL (Dec., 342 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin