With its fast pace and charming
characters, Maguire's latest, set
against the backdrop of Norman vs. Saxon England and the ever popular captive/captor plotline, will appeal
to readers looking for something
quick, light and predictable.

Convent-bred Kathryn de St. Marie might dream of grand passion, but when she's captured by a brutal Scot warrior and rescued by Saxon lord Edric of Braxton Fells, she wonders if she's gone from dream to nightmare. However, when Edric is left with a newborn to care for, only Kathryn finds a way to get the infant to eat and becomes indispensable to her captor.

Edric despises the Normans. But sweet, gentle Kathryn takes his breath away. As she helps him make his keep a home, he realizes he's fallen in love. Kathryn falls deeply for Edric too. But when troubles befall the keep and suspicions fly, their love will be tested until the true villain can be found. (Avon, Sep., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin