Ransall Clayton, Duke of Belmore has a motive for seducing the American adventurers daughter Caitlin Harmon: he believes her father is involved in a scheme that swindled his unsuspecting cousin.

Randall finds the intelligent and outspoken Caitlin refreshing and attractive. Hes quickly caught in his own game of seduction, falling in love with his prey.

Caitlin returns Rands passion, but leaves him behind to continue searching for a prized artifact. When Rand discovers that shes carrying his child, he follows her, arriving in time to stop her from marrying another. But Cait fears that by marrying her, Rand will harm his position in society.

When tragedy strikes, grief drives them apart, even as they try to understand each others pain. Cait once more runs from Rand and this time he vows to follow her to the ends of the earth and prove his love.

Sensual, action-packed and with a cast of intriguing characters, Kat Martins 12th historical romance is what readers have come to expect. Though some may find the continual misunderstandings and separations wearing, the strength of the characters and hint of mystery carries the story. SENSUAL (Oct., 400 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin